What is HaCIRIC?

Who we are

The Health and Care Infrastructure Research and Innovation Centre (HaCIRIC) delivers world class research to support better healthcare through better infrastructure.

Our work tackles the key challenges that face today's health and care systems. In particular, it helps them to meet expanding demand while also controlling costs, improving quality and raising productivity.

We are a collaboration between existing research centres at Imperial College London and the Universities of Loughborough Reading and Salford Additional partners from other universities are involved in specific projects.

These partnerships, supported by funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) have combined to make HaCIRIC the world's largest research programme in healthcare infrastructure.

Our Big Four challenges

We see four steps in tackling the global challenges.

  1. To shift care between different settings, often closer to home.
  2. To use technological and physical infrastructure creatively to support that change.
  3. To develop new organisational and funding models to make that infrastructure work.
  4. To generate clear evidence showing what really works and how it can be embedded.

How we help health and care organisations

We work with health and care organisations, bringing a multi-disciplinary knowledge base, built up over decades. By viewing problems from a range of perspectives we provide analysis of need, service redesign and infrastructure implementation. Through modelling and simulation, we help to show how to integrate new services with the required infrastructure to improve patient services, and we understand the challenges and processes of implementing innovations.

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What we do

We recognise that tackling the daunting challenges facing healthcare systems will often require system redesign, combining technology, services and infrastructure in new ways.

That's why, uniquely, HaCIRIC's research programme focuses on the relationships between these three fields - technology, services and infrastructure. We research key questions, but we also model potential solutions and disseminate the learning so that care systems can accomplish vital structural innovation.

We support innovation

Innovation is vital. It involves much more than simply creating new healthcare technologies or physical infrastructure. Embedding these technologies sustainably in mainstream practice is essential. We investigate the barriers to change, the innovations that are cost-effective and their impact on the care system. Missing out one link can be fatal to lasting change. We make sure they are all in place.