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Realising Benefits for Primary Healthcare Infrastructures

Sapountzis, S., Yates, K. and Kagioglou, M., Aouad, G., (2009)
Facilities, Vol.27 No.3/4, pp.74-78, March 2009.

Keywords: Benefits, Benefits management, Health services

Benefits realisation: Planning and evaluating healthcare infrastructures and services

Sapountzis, S., Yates, K., Lima, J., and Kagioglou, M. (2010)
in Kagioglou, M. and Tzortzopoulos, P. eds, Improving healthcare through Built Environment Infrastructure. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK, pp 166-195.

O processo de projeto em empreendimentos gerenciados por benefícios

Tillmann, P.A., Sapountzis, S., Tzortzopoulos, P. and Formoso, C.T. (2009)
Simpósio Brasileiro de Qualidade do Projeto no Ambiente Construído (SBQP 2009), November 18-20, 2009.

BeReal: Tools and Methods for Implementing Benefits Realisation and Management

Yates, K., Sapountzis, S. Lou, E.C.W. and Kagioglou, M. (2009)
Proc. 5th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation, Reykjavík, Iceland, 10-12 June 2009, 1, 223 – 232

BeReal Benefits realisation model integrated approach: The Built environment lifecycle and organisational views

Yates, K., Barreiro - Lima , J., Sapountzis, S., Tzortzopoulos, P. and Kagioglou, M. (2009)
HaCIRIC 2009 Conference Proceedings, Brighton, UK, p 110-124.

Keywords: healthcare, built environment, performance management, benefits realisation, programme development

The need for Benefits Realisation - Creating a benefits driven culture in UK's Healthcare Sector

Sapountzis, S., Harris, K. and Kagioglou, M. (2008)
1st HaCIRIC Symposium “Redefining healthcare infrastructure. Integrating services, technologies and the built environment, 3-4 April 2008, London, UK

The development of a Benefits Realisation Management Process to drive successful programmes and projects

Sapountzis, S., Harris, K. and Kagioglou, M. (2008)
in Pantouvakis, J.P. (editor) (2008) «Proceedings of the Joint Fourth Scientific Conference on Project Management (PM-04) & the First IPMA /MedNet Conference - Project Management Advances, Training & Certification in the Mediterranean», May, 29-31, Chios, Greece, ISBN 978-960-254-677-2

Keywords: Benefits Realisation Management, Change Management, Programme and Project management, Stakeholders Requirements Management, Continuous improvement

The methodological development of a Benefits Realisation Management Process (BRMP) in the case of Manchester, Salford and Trafford (MaST) Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT)

Harris, K. A, Sapountzis, S., and Kagioglou, M. (2008)
8th BuHu International Postgraduate Research Conference, June 26 -27 Prague, Czech Republic

Benefits Realisation Process for Healthcare

Sapountzis, S., Harris, K. and Kagioglou, M. (2007)
International SCRI Symposium, March 2007, Salford, UK.

Keywords: Benefits Realisation, Continuous Improvement, Change Management, Programme Management, Healthcare capital investment

BeReal, Benefits Realisation for Healthcare. 2009 progress report - The University of Salford

Sapountzis, S., Lima, J., Yates, K., Kagioglou, M. (2009)
HaCIRIC, September, Salford, UK