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Benefits Management and Benefits Realisation- A Literature Review

Sapountzis, S., Harris, K. and Kagioglou, M. (2008)
HaCIRIC, the University of Salford, May, Salford, UK.

Analysis and Synthesis of Benefits Realisation Literature Review, A BeReal© Comparison

Tillmann, P., Sapountzis, S. Yates, Y., and Kagioglou, M. (2009)
HaCIRIC, The University of Salford, August, Salford, UK.

Seven Advisory Group Workshop reports monitoring progress and lessons learnt. December 2006, May 2007, September 2007, February 2008, September 2008, March 2009, February 2010.

Three case study reports (Douglas Green 'Healthy Energise Centre', March 2009; St Thomas Community Hospital, April 2009; Romiley 'One Stop Health Shop' May 2009).

The Effect of the physical environment on mental wellbeing

Cooper, R; Boyko, C; Codinhoto, R. (2009)
In: Cooper C, Goswami, U. and Sahakian, B.J. (eds). Mental Capital and Wellbeing. Wiley-Blackwell.

Supporting evidence based design

Codinhoto, R.; Platten, B.; Tzortzopoulos, P.; and Kagioglou, M. (2010)
In: Kagioglou, M. and Tzortzopoulos, P. (eds). Improving healthcare through built environment infrastructure. Blackwell. 288p.

Trends in the Physical Environment Impacting on Mental Health.

Rachel Cooper, Christopher Boyko, Ricardo Codinhoto (2008)
In: Rachel Cooper, Christopher Boyko, Ricardo Codinhoto (2007) State-of-Science Review: The Effect of the Physical Environment on Mental Wellbeing. Developed under the Foresigh Project: Mental Capital and Mental Wellbeing. Office of Science and Innovation

The effects of the built environment on health outcomes.

Ricardo Codinhoto, Patricia Tzortzopoulos, Mike Kagioglou and Ghassan Aouad (2008)
Research Report. Available at:

Evidence-based design ‘evolving fast’. Health Estate Journal.

Codinhoto, R., Tzortzopoulos, P., Kagioglou, M. and Passman, D. (2010)
Available from: Last accessed: 08/04/2010

Evidence-based design of health care facilities. Journal of Health Services Research & Policy

Codinhoto, R.; Aouad, G.; Kagioglou, M.; Tzortzopoulos, P. and Cooper, R. (2009)
14(4), p.194-196