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Natural Personalised Ventilation: A Novel Approach

Adamu, Z.A. Cook, M.J. and Price, A.D.F (2011)
International Journal of Ventilation, 10 (3), pp 263-275.

Performance evaluation of natural ventilation strategies for hospital wards – A case study of GOSH

Adamu, Z.A., Price, A.D.F and Cook, M.J. (2012)
Building and Environment, 56 (2012) 211-222, Available at:

Natural personalised ventilation of multi-bed hospital wards

Adamu, Z.A. and Price, A.D.F. (2013)
Building Environment. Being finalized.

Natural ventilation with heat recovery: A biomimetic concept

Adamu, Z.A., Price, A.D.F. and Cook M.J (2013)
Building and Environment. Being finalized.