Active Projects

Innovations in renal care: BASIC-HHD: BArriers to Successful Implementation of Care in Home HaemoDialysis

Project Facts

Start date: June 2011
End date: November 2013
Investigators Professor James Barlow
Staff Employed Inger Abma and Dr Steffen Bayer
Status Completed

Project Partners

Manchester Royal Infirmary: Dr. Sandip Mitra, Dr. Anu Jayanti

Project Partners

Imperial College Business School
Tanaka Building
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AZ

Compared to in-centre haemodialysis, home haemodialysis, especially when used for extended hours of dialysis as in frequent daily dialysis and nocturnal haemodialysis, has been shown to improve patient outcomes, reduce the need for medication, and increase patients’ sense of freedom and control over their lives.

In the past standard treatment was at home, but the introduction of dialysis centres impacted on the level of HHD, unlike other conditions where in-home treatment increasingly emphasized within policy. Only about 2% of dialysis patients are on home haemodialysis across the UK, despite 2002 NICE guidelines suggesting 10-15% could be on HHD.

This project investigates the factors influencing the choice of dialysis modality for renal patients and in particular the barriers to the uptake of home haemodialysis by interviewing the relevant stakeholders at 5 different renal units in England.