Active Projects

Guidelines for the use of analytical tools more effective in healthcare planning processes

Project Facts

Start date: June 2011
End date: November 2013
Investigators Professor Mike Kagioglou, Professor Lauri Koskela
Staff Employed John Rooke, Lauri Koskela, Seamus McGirr, Amanda Marshall-Ponting, Clementinah Rooke
Status Completed

Project Partners

• Brian Hoare Unit, Manchester NHS Mental Health and Care Trust
• North West Utilization Management Unit

Project Partners

School of the Built Environment,
The University of Salford,
4th Floor, Maxwell Building,
Greater Manchester
M5 4WT, UK
T: +44 (0)161 295 4815

The main objectives of this project were to undertaken initial investigations to inform and enrich the overall appropriateness and context of ‘lean thinking’ within healthcare, specifically the work aimed to derive lessons from production theory for the improvement of healthcare, and provide input into HaCIRIC work on unplanned and urgent care.