Active Projects

A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Implementation and Impact of Telecare and Telehealth across Health and Social Care − the Whole System Demonstrator (WSD) Evaluation

The Whole System Demonstrators (WSD) programme, the largest trial of telecare and telehealth in the UK to date, is a part of the Government’s plan to invest in innovative technologies that shift care away from acute services to primary care and the home. It aims to provide better quality of care for the increasing number of people with long-term conditions.

Project Facts

Start date: June 2008
End date: March 2011
Investigators Professor James Barlow; Dr. Jane Hendy
Staff Employed Theti Crysanthaki
Status Active

Project Partners

Department of Health; PCTs, Acute Trusts, social services and other bodies in the 3 Whole System Demonstrator sites. A further award of £72,600 was received on 1.4.2009 from DH, to expand the work from three sites to nine, and extend work currently done by the Kings Fund (the Whole System Learning Action Network).

Project Partners

Imperial College Business School
Tanaka Building
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AZ
E: t.chrysanthaki(at)imperial(dot)ac(dot)uk

WSD will evaluate remote care services launched in three regions – Cornwall, Kent and Newham in east London. The WSD represents the world’s largest single investment in remote care, introducing more patients to this type of service than has previously been attempted.

The Department of Health is funding a research collaboration between Imperial College London, the King’s Fund, the London School of Economics, the University of Manchester, the University of Oxford and University College London to evaluate the clinical and cost effectiveness of WSD, and its impact on care services.

The Imperial College team is conducting a qualitative study of organisational issues relating to the sustainable introduction of remote care as a service and technology innovation, with important implications for future healthcare policy.