Active Projects

An integrated approach to the design of high quality healthcare space and flexible layouts using Modelling, Simulation and Visualisation (MSV)

The research contributed to improved understanding of how space impacts on patient care, clinical recovery and operational efficiency. Based on feedback from the project’s peer assist, the initial objectives were refined and focussed. As the research progressed and new issues arose, these objectives were refined over the three years. The project was developed in close collaboration with healthcare planners and designers. It evolved to accommodate responses/ feedback collated during the progress of the work. Two PhD researchers were recruited to on the following topics, and respectively focused on two core objectives, whilst contributing to other objectives.

• PhD1: Optimisation of healthcare facility spatial layout. Developing methodologies to optimise the space layout of healthcare facilities as an evidence-based design considering the factors influencing the healthcare space planning.
• PhD2: Hospital nursing staff productivity- the role of layout and people circulation. Using MSV to improve access and circulation and optimise people flow so as to improving: operational efficiency and staff productivity.

The research was separated into individual work packages closely aligned to the revised objectives. The outcome of the research has been a cumulative combination of ‘desk study’, literature review, workshops, semi-structured interviews, questionnaires, qualitative and quantitative data analyses, case studies, modelling, simulation, and feedback and validation exercises.

The research team produced several refereed journal and conference papers to ensure that intellectual findings are not lost but disseminated widely. The support from industry and the health sector highlighted the importance of creating an optimally built healthcare environment with significant impacts on patient safety, staff efficiency and cost effectiveness. The project collaborators were from different countries, including Sweden, Finland, the US, China, Hong Kong and the UK.