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Modelling Complex Sustainable Urban Environments for 2050

Project Facts

Start date: November 2009
End date: October 2010
Investigators Professor Andrew Price
Staff Employed Fahmida Khandokar, Dr Primali Paranagamage
Status Active

Project Partners

• Leicester City Council
• Braunstone NDC

    Project Partners

    Department of Civil and Building Engineering
    Loughborough University
    Ashby Road
    LE11 3TU
    T: +44 (0) 15 0922 2627
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    The design and delivery of physical infrastructure in our neighbourhoods need to be sufficiently innovative to respond to the demands of changing systems over time if to be sustainable in the long-term. Such a vision for the future would need to move beyond snap-shot studies and project for the future by capturing, understanding, and modelling the dynamics of changing systems and sub-systems. To name a few, demographics, social roles and needs, stakeholder expectations, maintenance practices, environment and resources and many more factors are interactive with the design and delivery of physical infrastructure and services. The key questions to be answered are: How can the infrastructure of neighbourhoods take into account the demands of changing systems? What are the consistent and changeable components in the interaction of socio-economic systems at the scale of neighbourhoods? Could these patterns be modelled, based on the evidence available? How could we project such patterns into the future taking into account the likely foreseeable changes of the future scenarios?

    The research explored the use of systems dynamics for modelling the interaction and change of systems for the effective delivery of infrastructure and services and the potential applications of complexity theories in strategic decision making. The work focused on identifying and addressing the grand challenges associated with integration and connectivity across different spatial and temporal scales within the urban environment to deliver sustainability that reiterates the challenge to integrate social systems and services at right scales.